DIMS Lite 2022

The promotional event of DOSTAS International Maritime Seminar 2022, DIMS Lite held from March 25 to 27 under the banner "India Boat and Marine Show (IBMS) (4th Edition)", at Bolgatty Palace Event Centre Cochin. All the members of the Department from the faculty members to the students, marked their active presence and participation in the event conducted by the Department of Ship Technology Alumni Society.

What makes SNAS different?

SNAS Webinars

SNAS conducts webinars led by Maritime Industry Leaders

Club Activities

SNAS conducts webinars led by Maritime Industry Leaders

Ocean Odyssey

The educational blog of SNAS that releases two articles every month.


SNAS has annual magazine titled “SHIPSTECHNIC” and newsletter named “The Voyage”

Technical Workshops

SNAS provides technical workshops for students to enhance their skill


SNAS supports and organizes challenges that up-skills students

Our Main Undertakings

These are the flagship undertaking that we have to promote the Maritime Awareness

See the Maritime Industry Leaders take on diverse topics

Widen your views and information on shipping industry

Get latest updates from the Maritime industry and the Department


Endorsed by renowned professionals from the Industry

SNAS has played a crucial role in moulding many of the Maritime Industry Leaders of today. This is what they have to say,

Dr M Abdul Rahim
Corporate Officer
Regional Manager, Middle East and South Asia
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)

“SNAS is very active in promoting not only academic but also extracurricular activities of students to make them well rounded individuals. They conduct regular seminars by inviting experts from around the world which is very valuable in enhancing the industry knowledge of the students. SNAS edit and publish the technical journal Shipstechnik by inviting technical papers from around the world, which is a source of technical knowledge. Through their activities, SNAS indirectly plays a very valuable role in enhancing the quality and competence of the students. I wish SNAS every success in their endeavours


“Today’s student is on a journey to being tomorrow’s professional, the final destination being an Industry. Succeeding in any Industry depends on efficiency, for which technical and soft skills should be used together. In my own campus life, SNAS played a major role in developing my soft skills that helped me to mould myself as a successful Maritime Professional”